Quick start tips

Loop makes student feedback easy. Here's our quick guide to get you started on Loop in under 5 minutes.

Your guide to getting started on Loop

How to get started on Loop

To ensure a consistent experience for Swinburne students, all teachers are expected to use Loop as follows:

  • Set up a Loop group for each student cohort you teach
  • Ask your students to sign up to Loop (if not already on Loop) and join your Loop groups
  • Ask the Swinburne required questions (pre-loaded into Loop) at least once each term per student cohort

The timing of the questions is up to you and these questions can now be edited to ensure the language and content is relevant to your student cohort.

Click here for the Swinburne Workshop slides

How to add your students to Loop

There are two options for adding students in Loop:

1. Students self on-boarding via group code

Students are able to self on board by visiting the Loop website, clicking the sign up button and following the instructions. Teachers should provide students with the relevant group code which students can then enter once they are registered.

2. Invite students via email

If you have a list of student emails, you can copy and paste them into Loop to quickly send invites. Remember to follow up with students in class to ensure they accept the invitation.

Our downloadable student registrations guides can be found here:

- Guide to desktop / laptop registrations
- Guide to mobile and tablet registrations

How to introduce Loop to your students

Giving feedback doesn't come naturally to students. Whilst Loop makes it easy to manage the feedback process and share structured questions, introducing Loop to your students will help ensure you get the most from the process. Taking the following steps can help:

  1. Prepare before the class by getting your Loop group setup with a couple of questions.
  2. Introduce Loop in class. Try using the following statements:

    Loop will support your learning
    “Your responses will help me to help you. Loop will allow me to focus my teaching in the areas you require most support.”

    Loop lets you shape your learning environment
    “Your responses will help me to understand how you best learn, and what activities you find most

    Loop lets me reflect as a teacher
    “Your responses will help me to be a better teacher. Like you, I need understand to be my best.”
  3. If you're adding students via email or using the group code, you should follow up in class to ensure that all students have completed registration.

    Our student registrations post cards can be found here:

    - Guide to desktop / laptop registrations
    - Guide to mobile and tablet registrations

    For students joining in class you can use the group code found on the top right of your group card

For more information

Visit our Support page or read more about Trust and Safety