Getting started

Guided steps

How to create a group
  1. In Home, click the 'Create Group’ button in the top right
  2. Enter the name of your group in the text field or select to import via Google classroom, then click next
  3. Enter student emails or click “skip for now”
  4. Your group will appear in your Loop dashboard
How to add students

There are several options for adding students in Loop:

1. Import from Google Classroom

Connecting Loop with Google Classroom is the fastest way to add your students to Loop. Watch the video below to find out how.

2. Invite students via email

If you have a list of student emails, you can copy and paste them into Loop to quickly send invites. Remember to follow up with students in class to ensure they accept the invitation.

3. Students self on boarding via group code

Students are able to self on board by visiting the Loop website, clicking the sign up button and following the instructions. Teachers should provide students with the relevant group code which students can then enter once they are registered.

Our downloadable student registrations guides can be found here:

- Guide to desktop / laptop registrations
- Guide to mobile and tablet registrations

How to ask questions on Loop
  1. In Home, click 'Ask Question' on the group you wish to create a question for
  2. Type your own question in the text field or select a question from the template question list
  3. Choose the response type for your question from the list, then click next
    NB: this option is not available if you selected a template question
  1. Choose whether your students are able to send anonymous responses or not
  2. Click ‘Ask Now’ or schedule your question to be released at a later date