Filter responses and message a selected group

  • 1. In Home, click on ‘Response(s)’ in the group you wish to view/reply to responses
  • 2. Under 'Live questions’, click on the question with the response(s) you wish to review

  • 3. Click the 'Responses' drop down and select the rated responses you wish to review
  • You can also select your responses by clicking the chart
  • 4. The visible responses will update to match your filtered selection
  • You can also filter by Round

    A round indicates the time period a question is live to group members. Reopening a closed question starts an additional round (great for comparing data over time)
  • 5. Click 'Message selection' to send a message to all filtered students

    *You can message up to 20 students at one time
  • 6. Type your message and hit send: Each student receives the same message in an individual thread