The following steps are a simple and effective guide to maximising the benefit of student feedback on Loop.


Prepare before the class

  • Have a couple live questions in your group so your students can immediately engage with Loop and you can capture feedback as soon as they log in.
  • Take note of your 6-digit group code for any students joining your group manually

Introduce Loop to your students in class

  • Introduce the “how and why” you will be using Loop in your class
  • Let students know that their responses are private to you and cannot be seen by other members of their group

Bonus: Check out the video below for some of the ways other teachers introduced Loop to their students


Ask your students to Log in to Loop

Ask your students to either

  • A) log in to Loop using the “Sign in with Google” button

  • B) sign up for a Loop account using their school email address
NB: All students require their own free personal account to provide feedback on Loop.

Students already imported via Google classroom or invited via email will automatically gain access to your group upon registration.

Students yet to be invited can simply use your 6-digit group code to “join group”.

Reminder: Students can use Loop on any internet enabled device:

  • Web: Visiting the Loop homepage
  • Mobile device: Download the Loop app by searching for “Loop feedback” in their app store

Quick start tips

How to get started on Loop
How to add your students to Loop

There are several options for adding students in Loop:

1. Import from Google Classroom

Connecting Loop with Google Classroom is the fastest way to add your students to Loop. Watch the video below to find out how.

2. Invite students via email

If you have a list of student emails, you can copy and paste them into Loop to quickly send invites. Remember to follow up with students in class to ensure they accept the invitation.

3. Students self on boarding via group code

Students are able to self on board by visiting the Loop website, clicking the sign up button and following the instructions. Teachers should provide students with the relevant group code which students can then enter once they are registered.

Our downloadable student registrations guides can be found here:

- Guide to desktop / laptop registrations
- Guide to mobile and tablet registrations

How to add students without emails

Create accounts for your students:
To add your students who do not have an email, you can manually complete the signup process for them at: for each individual.

You will need to enter an email to get that account registered. This can be a proxy email address that you can create and as long as includes the @ and the .com (e.g.

Add students to your group:
To add your students to your group you can then enter the add/remove section of the group and copy and paste your proxy emails. This will automatically add your students to your group.

Share log in details with students:
Simply share the email address and passwords that you created with your individual student.