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Loop lets you check in with your students in under 30 seconds.
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Create more 'aha' moments for your teaching by gathering and acting on student feedback
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Loop gives teachers and schools the tools to understand student engagement and take an evidence based approach to improve learning outcomes.

Get student feedback instantly

  • Send your students a digital exit ticket in under 30 seconds, from any device. 
  • Choose from a range of response types to suit your student’s preferences.
  • Filter and reply to all students with similar responses, or follow up direct.

Strengthen your relationships with students

  • Get a true view of how your students are really doing.
  • Teachers can enable anonymous replies giving students greater confidence.
  • Dive deeper to solve individual issues in the moment.

Take action with confidence

  • Make confident decisions about your teaching and planning based on quality feedback.
  • Choose where to focus your attention by spotting the trends in your feedback.
  • Make changes that improve outcomes for your class right now, not next term.
  • Export your exit ticket feedback data anytime for further analysis.

More features

Loop's feature set makes it the easiest and fastest way to understand your students.

Safe and secure

Loop is COPPA and GDPR compliant

Flexible response types

Draw from Loop's range of quantitative qualitative question types

Google classroom

Get students set up fast and easy with Google sign-in and share questions to your classroom feed

All data in one place

No need to find data from multiple sources or forms, it's all in one spot

Reply to responses

Unlike surveys which don't allow you to respond, Loop includes full messaging functionality to dig deeper

Schedule your questions

Schedule a regular time to ask your questions or send a question in the moment

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Loop?

Loop allows teachers to collect structured feedback from their students about their learning experience and wellbeing. Providing a private, digital setting gives students more confidence to speak out about things that might be holding back their learning.

Teachers can enable anonymous responses, schedule questions, reply to feedback one on one or to groups of students with similar feedback, track changes over time, send announcements, and more.

This has a few benefits:

  • It gives students a greater voice in their education, especially those who are shy, or fear speaking out in front of their peers.
  • Teachers can more easily spot and support struggling students.
  • Gain insight into what is or isn't working in the classroom for a particular cohort of students.
  • Provides a mechanism for professional development as teachers can refine their teaching style (we have worked extensively with early career teachers who have found this to be particularly valuable).
  • Replaces student surveys, which can be slow and the results of which are typically only applied once students have finished a semester or learning module. This makes feedback more actionable than traditional student surveys using Google Forms or similar.
How long does it take to setup my Loop account?

Loop makes it easy to collect student feedback. Registering for an account takes less than two minutes.

Setting up your classes on Loop will depend on how you wish to add students. There are three methods available:

  1. Connect and import students from Google Classroom (~1 minute)
  2. Add a list of student email addresses (~1 minute)
  3. Provide students with the group code and have them register in class (~5 minutes)

Once you have your account and classes setup, you can easily pick a question from our question library or create a new one and send in under 1 minute.

How is Loop able to provide free access for teachers and students?

Loop offers premium features for schools and tertiary education providers which give them greater ability to share questions between classes, communicate as the school directly with students, and more detailed student analytics tools.

Where schools take up Loop premium, we still maintain the privacy of teachers and students, with school leaders only seeing aggregated school wide results and never individual student to teacher feedback.

How does Loop support teachers with safeguarding on the platform?

Teachers can add a teacher partner to groups, ensuring there are always two people able to review communications at any time.

Is my data safe?

We never sell your data. We do not collect personal information within the app, with the exception of the name and email you provide us. We take steps to ensure your information is safe, including secure local hosting, and excluding tracking from communication within the app.

You can read our full privacy policy here.

Does Loop comply with COPPA?

We take student privacy very seriously:

  • We collect minimal student information in order to supply the Loop service to students.
  • Our privacy policy outlines how we collect and store personal information, and what information we share with 3rd party providers.
  • We never sell or rent student data, we don’t advertise to students or permit any 3rd party advertising to students.
  • We undertake considerable steps to ensure the security of the data we hold.
  • If students are under the age of 13, we require parental consent via email prior to supplying the service to them.
  • Parents have the right to access and delete their children’s data upon request.
Are users shown ads?

No. We never show users ads on the Loop app or website.

Who are Loop?

Loop is based in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 2016, Loop was created when our founders recognised a need for a more effective method of collecting student feedback within education.

We are driven by feedback. It’s the heart of our platform, but it also drives us in our mission. The feedback we receive from our teachers and students fires our passion to continue to develop and improve the platform for our users.

Will I get a sales call?

Not unless you want one. Loop is free for teachers and students. If you want to find out more about our schools or tertiary offering, you can submit an enquiry and request a call.

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Loop provides struggling
students with an
opportunity to express
themselves, so I can
improve their learning

– Sarah, Teacher

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“I was able to implement the feedback from my students from the first round of questioning ... which I've had positive feedback about from the students.”

– Tom, Teacher

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Getting started with Loop was unbelievably easy, requiring no IT support and just a quick training that had teachers on board and ready to go.

– Chris, Assistant Principal

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I love the immediate feedback I can get from my students. It's helped me connect with my students on a deeper level than just having classroom discussions! I love it!”

– Michelle, Teacher

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One student told me
anonymously on Loop they were struggling with group work. I was able to go back to them on Loop and provide help.

John, Educator

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Receiving timely feedback, typically on the same day as asking the question, has provided me with confidence of whether students feel engaged and supported.”

– Anne, Teacher

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Loop allows those students who are a little shy to approach me in person to speak up & allows for  immediate questions & responses.

– Rob, Educator