Keep students engaged during remote learning

Remain connected with your students and offer support whether in class or during remote learning, using Loop's web and mobile platform

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Connect with students and stay on track for success

Loop enables teachers to quickly check in with their class on comprehension, engagement and welfare. Student responses are private with their teachers.

Select from a list of suggested questions or write your own. Ask immediately or schedule for later.

Responses are tracked and you can Loop back with students to offer additional support.

Understand the changing education experience

School administrators can use targeted questions, in-time and in context to adapt their programs to support students.

As students temporarily transition to online delivery modes, quick data collection to understand what is and isn't working is critical to maintain student outcomes.

Teacher experience modules help schools keep teachers on track for success and feel supported and collaborative.

Loop is supporting schools during COVID-19

Using rapidly deployable, cloud based, mobile technology, Loop can reach and engage all students.

Loop provides free access for teachers and students. Schools and tertiary education providers can access the premium service which allows multiple teachers on one account, shared question sets, student and teacher experience modules and advanced analytics.

Schools can now access free premium features for 10 weeks, with no obligation.

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Cloud-based, mobile technology

Rapidly deployable, responses collected with 24 hours of setup

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Mobile and web app

Contemporary mobile medium to reach and engage all students

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Progress over time

Chart progress against key student experience questions over time

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Anonymity controls

Create safety for a real conversation about student learning experience

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Reply to feedback

Respond quickly to 'close the loop' and demonstrate understanding of student need

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All data in one place

No need to find data from multiple sources or forms, it's all in one spot

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Announcements with phone notifications

Quickly and easily send announcements to any cohort

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Flexible response types

Select from a range of response types

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Targeted student experience questions

In-time and in context to generate real-time data and actionable insights

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