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Loop is a free app that helps teachers understand student engagement, comprehension and wellbeing.

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Check in with students and stay on track for success

Ask a question of your class and gather private responses to understand how students are tracking.

Quickly add students to your class by adding email addresses to send an invite.

Engage in one-to-one conversation with any students in a centrally managed platform to dig a little deeper and offer support.

Support welfare through the changing student experience

As schools transition to remote learning, understanding student engagement and wellbeing is more important than ever.

Loop provides continuous, real-time insights. Teachers can use targeted questions, in-time and in context to adapt their teaching to support students.

Students can access loop via a the app or through a web browser, making it faster and easier to collect responses than survey tools.

Encourage student voice in a safe, collaborative space

Loop allows students to voice their challenges outside of the group setting. Teachers can also enable anonymous mode to give their students greater confidence to speak.

Teachers can check in with their class on a regular basis and quickly collect results via the app or online.

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Loop allows those students who are a little shy to approach me in person to speak up and allows for immediate questions and responses.

– Loop teacher

Loop has been very useful. I have been able to gain valuable feedback from students regarding things they would like to see in class such as activities and discussions.

– Loop teacher

Anonymously we have been able to ask questions to teachers which in person we would hesitate to do.

– Loop student
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Cloud-based, mobile technology

Rapidly deployable to reach and engage all student

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Mobile and web app

Contemporary mobile medium to reach and engage all students

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Progress over time

Chart progress against key student experience questions over time

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Anonymity controls

Create safety for a real conversation about student learning experience

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Reply to feedback

Respond quickly to 'close the loop' and demonstrate understanding of student need

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All data in one place

No need to find data from multiple sources or forms, it's all in one spot

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Announcements with phone notifications

Quickly and easily send announcements to the group

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Flexible response types

Select from a range of response types

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Targeted student experience questions

In-time and in context to generate real-time data and actionable insights

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