Understand your evolving student experience

During the transition from on campus to online delivery, understand and support your student experience through real-time feedback

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Used by leading Australian education institutions

How will your institution understand the changing student experience?

As students rapidly transition to online delivery modes, quick data collection to understand what is and isn't working is critical to maintain Student Satisfaction ratings. 

Loop provides continuous, real-time data to inform learning transitions using targeted questions, in-time and in context to generate actionable insights.

Using rapidly deployable, cloud based, mobile technology, Loop can reach and engage all students. 

How will your educators regularly check in with students to keep them on-track for success?

Equip your educators to reach and understand their students remotely, using a contemporary, mobile medium.

Anonymity controls create safety for a real conversation about student learning experience.

Educators are equipped with data in real-time to efficiently respond to student need.

Educators can share evidence and feedback with colleagues or teams to inform discussion.

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Cloud-based, mobile technology

Rapidly deployable to reach and engage all student

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Mobile and web app

Contemporary mobile medium to reach and engage all students

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Progress over time

Chart progress against key student experience questions over time

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Anonymity controls

Create safety for a real conversation about student learning experience

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Reply to feedback

Respond quickly to 'close the loop' and demonstrate understanding of student need

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Targeted student experience questions

In-time and in context to generate real-time data and actionable insights

Institution data gathered within 24 hours of launch

+80% engagement rates across staff

"SuniTAFE considers our student experience as our number one priority. Loop has provided a safe, interactive and an easy way for our students to contribute towards their preferred way to learn as well as enabling our teachers to make real time adjustments to their delivery meaning students are benefiting from their own feedback in real time ... It’s by no accident or coincidence that that our student journey experience has improved as a result of our relationship with Loop."
– Robin Kuhne, General Manager, STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS
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