Loop Schools Pilot NSW

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This pilot is designed for individual New South Wales schools to understand how student feedback can support the classroom environment.

The pilot runs for 10 weeks and is open to 10 schools. Start dates to be scheduled between the pilot co-ordinator and schools. Upon registration, schools will be assigned an institution code and the Loop support team contact your pilot sponsor to provide access and setup a quick walk through for key staff.

Participants will be expected to use Loop for a period of 10 weeks and will receive ongoing support throughout. Loop is suitable for use with Grades 3 to 12.

Participating schools will receive full access to the Loop for schools features.

Registration closes July 31st 2020.

There are no costs for participation, and schools have the option to maintain their access following the pilot.

For more information, contact the Loop support team.

Julian Direen
New South Wales
Available Places
10 Weeks
Start Date
By Arrangement