Student feedback made easy

Give your teachers access to easy exit ticket tools. Schools save on membership costs and access additional features.

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Less admin, more insights.

Faster setup and analysis

Add and send questions in an instant. Start collecting school-wide responses immediately.

Insights when they matter

Share questions with students daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you need to track impact.

Consistent approach

Manage questions across the whole school and ensure a consistent approach between staff.

Compare your school

School leaders can access benchmark data to see how your school stacks.

Higher response rates

Loop's student friendly app means +80% response rates in less than 24 hours.

Support teacher CPD

Give teachers the tools for continuous, structured feedback that let them measure impact and correct course.

Loop gives teachers and schools the tools to understand student engagement and take an evidence based approach to improve learning outcomes.

Easy to use

Loop's easy to use interface, model questions and all-in-one-place data collection save teaching staff time without compromising on the quality of insights.

Share questions instantly

Teachers and school leaders can add questions in an instant. Ask immediately or schedule for later. Schools can share standard questions sets for teachers to share regularly or send questions directly to students.

Easy administration and onboarding

Add teachers and students from the school dashboard or connect with Google sign-on. Easily manage questions sets and student segments. Find out which classes are using the platform or where further support is needed.

School-wide results in one place

See aggregated, school-wide data in an instant. Loop provides all the responses in one place in a consistent format using standardised questions. No more collecting and combining spreadsheets.

Key features

Loop's feature set makes it the easiest and fastest way to understand your students.

Add a question in an instant

Ask any question of your students in a few clicks. No more survey set-up.

Flexible response types

Draw from Loop's range of quantitative qualitative question types.

Progress over time

Loop's charting format automatically shows your progress over time.

Export for advanced analytics

Export your data at any time for deeper analysis.

Teachers control anonymity

Control how your students can respond at the level of each question.

Mobile and web app

Loop runs on all devices to maximise engagement

All data in one place

No need to find data from multiple sources or forms, it's all in one spot

Announcements analytics

Make an announcement on Loop and see which students have read it.

Reply to responses

Unlike surveys which don't allow you to respond, Loop includes full messaging functionality to dig deeper.

“Loop provides struggling students with an opportunity to express themselves, so I can improve their learning experience."

- Sarah, Loop Teacher
“The Loop engagement has been really impressive. Loop is easily introduced, simple to use but highly effective.”

- Jill, School Leader

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