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Surveys are the past

One off, long question set

Surveys are static - unable to respond 

One spreadsheet per survey, spreadsheet fatigue!

Setup time and cost

Typically conducted at the end of unit/class


Make change before it's too late

  • Gather private student responses in real-time

  • Adapt your classroom to maximise learning outcomes

  • Use optional anonymity features to increase response rates

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Surveys are the past. Loop is the future.

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Flexible response types

Select from a range of response types

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Add a question in an instant

Ask any question of your students in a few clicks

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Progress over time

Responses automatically charted

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Export for advanced analytics

Export your data at any time for deeper analysis

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Enable anonymous mode

Control whether students may reply anonymously

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Mobile and web app

Loop runs on all devices to maximise engagement

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All data in one place 

No need to find data from multiple sources or forms, it's all in one spot

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Announcements with phone notifications

Quickly and easily send announcements to the group

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Can reply to feedback

Dig deeper into a response with one-to-one messages to group questions

Be the best teacher you can by harnessing the power of student feedback