Information for parents

Loop makes it easy for teachers to check in with students.

Classrooms are busy places. Students are surrounded by their peers and it can be hard for students to speak confidently and authentically. Loop gives teachers the tools to ask their classes questions and get authentic answers from students, easily.

Loop gives teachers and schools the tools to understand student engagement and take an evidence based approach to improve learning outcomes.

Teachers ask a question

  • Teachers can send questions to their classes instantly.
  • Questions typically ask about lesson content, but could also ask about the school environment or general wellbeing.
  • Replies are only seen by the teachers who have been added to the Class group on Loop.

Students reply

  • Students can reply via their computers or mobile devices.
  • Replies take the form of text responses, scales (1-7), or open text.
  • Teachers have the option to enable anonymous replies.

Teachers can see class wide responses

  • Based on student responses teachers can follow up with individual students or plan their next class.
  • Teachers can reply to individual students or groups of students with similar responses.
  • Teachers can invite other teachers to join their groups to help manage responses.

Want to know more about Loop?

Here are answer to some of the most common questions.

How do I provide consent for my child to use Loop?

Once your child has registered an account and identified that they are under 13, they will be prompted to enter your email address. You will then be sent an email from "Loop" with a link for you to visit and provide consent.

Alternatively, your child's teacher can indicate that they have received consent from you by another method, such as a paper form or through a school communication system.

Does Loop cost anything for students?

No. Loop is completely free for students.

Why do you need parent permission for my child to use Loop?

For children under 13, we are required by the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule to obtain parent consent if a child is registering on Loop.

Does my child need to download an app to use Loop?

No. Loop can be accessed via web browser, as well as the mobile app.

Does my child need to register to join Loop?

Yes. In order to allow teachers to see who has replied to questions, as well as follow up with students, we require that students are registered on Loop.

Where can I find information about privacy protections for my child?

You can find links to our privacy policy, terms of service, and end user license agreement here.